Zsófia Nemes


Zsófia Nemes is the director and permanent choreographer of the company. As a child, she studied classical ballet and, ever since she became acquainted with modern dance, her life has been centred around dance. She graduated from the University of Physical Education and later from the Hungarian Dance Academy with a degree in choreography. She achieved the first significant successes of her career with the Sarbo Dance Company, of which she was a founding member. She became the leader of the Figures (Figurák) Dance Theatre and then a soloist with the Szeged Contemporary Ballet. After 2004 she worked as a freelancer with multiple Hungarian and foreign choreographers (including Yvette Bozsik, Gerzson Péter Kovács and Rui Hotra among others). She has been a member of PR-Evolution Dance Company since 2004 and has been the artistic director and choreographer of the company since 2008.