Our priority category contemporary dance theatre gives an average of 25 performances a year at various theatre venues. Our exclusive venues include the National Dance Theatre, the Palace of Arts, the TRIP Boat, the Hungarian National Gallery, and the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest.

We also offer activities in kindergartens and schools where we introduce young people to the world of dance. Four to five thousand spectators, young and old alike, see our performances each year.

We finance our work from grants. The biggest criticism we get is that, although our spectators really enjoy our performances, few people hear about them because our possibilities of reaching a wider audience are limited.

With your support, we could show this wonderful segment of culture to even more people, children, seniors and younger generations.


In today’s world, dance helps us to accept and love our bodies, and reveal the inner miracle which inheres in all of us. Dance has an important role nowadays; support us to make it as much a part of your and our life as possible.

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