Our world consists of an abundance of colours. What kind of harmony and unique structure might we discover amongst them? In this performance, the audience will be presented with three different styles, and yet they will all come together as a whole.


Our performance is a real delicacy within the realm of dance, during which the audience will see the work of multiple guest artists. Various styles appear on stage as a colourful world opens up in front of us through the work of Lóránd Zachár, Radoslav Piovarci and Zsófia Nemes ­– together, however, they convey a particularly strong effect.

Synergy, a word of Greek origin, means cooperation, the joint interaction of things. The performance highlights otherness and at the same time similarity; the individual pieces support and strengthen each other, while dance, a language beyond language, becomes the connecting link.

Lóránd Zachár has danced several leading roles in Hungary and became a member of the modern dance company Diazz-Ex as an already known dancer. Later, he signed a contract with Danceworks Rotterdam. Currently, he is a guest teacher and choreographer at the Rotterdam Dance Academy.

Radoslav Piovarci’s work as a teacher, dancer and choreographer is centred in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, but his work is known in many other places both in Europe and worldwide.


Performers: Jusztina Bakonyi, Petra Guzmics, Katalin Hucker, Alexandra Kozmér (guest artist), Noémi Philipp, Boglárka Rudisch, Rebeka Tóth

Music: montázs

Costume design: Nóra Nemes

Choreographers: Lóránd Zachár, Radoslav Piovarci, Zsófia Nemes

Press: Tá