Mother Holle

Mother Holle

In our story, we arrive at Mother Holle’s house, where little elves are working busily, waiting for Mother Holle to arrive, who shows up soon after. She tells us a story that once happened to her. Many, many years ago, she told her tale to the Grimm Brothers, who wrote their story based on it and called it Mother Holle.

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The story is about a little girl who is ignored by her stepmother, who favours her daughter by birth. The girl is forced to work and, when her spindle falls into the well, the stepmother is only interested in retrieving it.


Through the well, the little girl arrives at a wonderful meadow, filled with flowers. During her adventurous journey, where even the apple tree comes to life, she meets Mother Holle.


By the end of the story, the kindness and helpfulness of the hard-working girl gains her much-deserved reward, just as her lazy stepsister gets her just deserts.


Mother Holle: Petra Haumann

Dancers: the dancers of PR-Evolution Dance Company

Music: montázs

Costume design:  Nóra Nemes

Choreography:  Zsófia Nemes

Premiere: 29 January 2018, Balatonfüred, and 11 March 2018, Bethlen Square Theatre