“The fault is not here or there; it is in the spirit, which has become inactive and has given up the possibility of intervening in reality.”


“Life is a large canvas, on which we paint not with our hands but with our imaginations. Life compels us to do something…” (R.M.)


The world of PR-Evolution Dance Company’s performance was inspired by the works of the famous surrealist painter René Magritte. People with covered faces, faceless hats and suits, figures in suits in the sky all come to life. The surreal world of the images is brought to life, blurring  appearance with reality, deception with genuinely lived moments. It is a world in which uniformity takes the main role, and the system consumes our spaces, our relationships. Anything can happen. Can all the details, all the uniqueness be covered up by uniformity?


“… visible figures, which conceal nothing, but evoke mystery. … people ask themselves this simple question: What does it mean? Well, it doesn’t mean anything, because mystery means nothing either as it is unknowable.”

“Art evokes mystery without which the world would not exist.” (R.M.)


Contributing artists: Jusztina Bakonyi, Kata Hucker, Luca Hoffmann, Brigitta Hortobágyi, Rebeka Tóth, Patrik Keresztes, Dániel Krizsán / Tamás Papp

Music: Attila Gergely, Edina Szirtes / Mókus

Dramaturg: Lili Fabacsovics

Set designer: Zsuzsa Molnár

Consultant: Sándor Hegedűs

Assistant choreographer: Nóra Asztalos

Choreographer: Zsófia Nemes

Premiere: 19 April 2019