Human World, or ’Tis Woeful for Me…

Human World, or ’Tis Woeful for Me…

Film and dance theatre performance

“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, on the edge of the Milky Way, in between the orbiting planets of the Solar System, when you passed by Saturn on the right, on the blue and green planet at a stone’s throw from Mars, where now humanity’s headquarters are to be found, the planet named Earth, where no one would have thought, beyond the Glass Hill in never, neverland – in fact, there is no Glass Hill, not even a spoon, only the Matrix – and beyond the yellow brick road of “once upon a time”, beyond the hillside, where even Frodo has never been, where people think ‘the bigger the letters are on a poster, the bigger the lie it tells’ – well, there, which isn’t even as far as anyone may have thought at the beginning of the text…

…Yes, we are HERE! Barely 500 years ago, in the famous 1500s, when the great, the frenetic, the mind-conquering REFORMATION was born.”

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The initial idea for PR-Evolution Dance Company’s latest performance derives from the thought-provoking relevance of the anniversary of Reformation. In 2017 the world remembered Reformation’s 500th anniversary.

We wish to address today’s people, talk to people, make them stop for a word, make them smile or think, or both, give them new ideas, inspiration for their lives, and perhaps even make them dare recall their forgotten desires.

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In the performance, our local correspondent will be checking in from the 1500s from the land of the Magyars, from the famous castle of Huszt. The grotesque and the absurd encounter one another. People’s lives will be shown through the internet; these in essence have not changed, always having enemies, love, betrayal, and a time for change.


The film is a living part of our performance and defines its style, actively participating in its reality. It is as if we were surfing the web in the big wide world; sometimes animations, at others commercials and the feeling of television define our broadcast.


The dancers of PR-Evolution Dance Company

Music: Attila Gergely, Dániel Mekis

Reporter, voice actor: Klára Tolnai

Set design: Roland Kókai

Cameraman: Dániel Szandtner, László Spengler

Director: Ottó Bánovits

Dramaturg: Sándor Hegedűs

Choreographers: Lóránd Zachár, Zsófia Nemes

Premiere: 5 December 2017