Hawk Mating

Hawk Mating

“…The blaze of an incomplete, half-kissed kiss

      is burning ahead.

      The night is cold. Now and then we run,

      we cry and we run,

      but don’t reach the end.”     (Endre Ady, Half-Kissed Kisses)


The content of the performance is based on the Hungarian poet Endre Andy’s love poems, whereas the thematic basis is provided by the American psychologist David Deida’s descriptions of relationships. The struggle that takes place between man and woman is not that of power and ecstasy but rather part of existence; a battle which has neither a winner, nor a loser, only a blazing, vivid truth, a sensual, living passion.


David Deida is an eminent American psychologist in the field of relationships. According to Deida’s theory, partnerships can be distinguished on three levels. These are the “dependent relationship”, the “fifty-fifty relationship” and the “intimate alliance” relationship. All three levels can be found in our society, and all three forms of partnerships can even be experienced in the course of the same person’s lifetime.


Hawk Mating – dance theatre performance lasting 50 minutes

Performed by PR-Evolution Dance Co.

Music: Gergő Sütő

Costume design: Nóra Nemes

Dramaturg consultant: Orsolya Nemes

Photography: Lali Szabó

Choreographer: Zsófia Nemes

Premiere: Merlin Theatre – 19 December 2011