Evening Cocktail

Evening Cocktail – PR-Evolution’s new piece, an excellent fusion of chansons and contemporary dance

A change of style? By no means! French chansons evoke the dance world of revues and burlesque, while they can easily be paired with the free-flowing, limitless and rich associative gesture system of contemporary dance. Singing, music and dance are now all about love, fun and cocktails. Six dancers of the new PR-Evolution team (3 girls and, of course, 3 boys) dance the story of love, separation and reunion in Zsófia Nemes’s new creation and in costumes by Nóra Nemes evoking the ‘dolce vita’ feeling. But such is life, which, without love, is like a cocktail without ice and syrup.

The tunes of the French chansons with lyrics written with poetic sophistication are performed by Judit Czigány and Péter Reider with a live musical accompaniment arranged by Dávid Mester, which will certainly include two evergreens by the Little Sparrow (Edith Piaf), Padam and Hymn to Love. Among many other surprises, the Hungarian repertoire will be represented by a chanson popular in its own time, I Hate the Wildflower Meadow, by Katalin Karády.

PR-Evolution Dance Company

Dancers: Boglárka Rudisch, Lídia Sinka, Dorottya Vigh, Dominik Gyugos, Patrick Perjési, Áron Szabó

Costume design: Nóra Nemes

Dramaturg: Lili Fabacsovics 

Music editor and pianist: Dávid Mester

Clarinet: Levente Kurucz

Violin: Roberta Izabella Kiss-Varga

Drums: Mátyás Standovár

Production assistant: Krisztina Birtalan

Choreographer: Zsófia Nemes

Evening Cocktail – 19 July 2021 20:30 National Dance Theatre, DancePark