Da Vinci’s Smile

Da Vinci’s Smile

.seiretsyM dna sterceS – Secrets and Mysteries.

.tnemtnioppasiD gnirruceR dna ytisoiruC sseldnE – Endless Curiosity and Recurring Disappointment.

Premiere: 18 February 2019


The darkness of a cave in which miracles come to life.

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A genius who could not simply be “just” a human being.

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More than 500 years have passed since this restless mind designed the robot whose great-great-grandchild bearing the name of the polymath is being used in surgery today.


This was not the first time that PR-Evolution’s choreographer Zsófia Nemes was inspired by the oeuvre of a great painter, the mystery of his paintings, the lines, the world of colours, the diversity of his thoughts. This time, she found content with relevance today, which longs for dance and vivacity, in the imperishable work and mysterious life of one of the greatest polymaths of the Renaissance, Leonardo da Vinci. Let us remember: dance, similarly to the image, condenses the unspeakable, and only answers what is asked of it…

Dancers: Jusztina Bakonyi, Petra Guzmics, Brigitta Hortobágyi, Rebeka Tóth, Dániel Krizsán, Benjámin Taba

Actor: Katalin Homonnai

Music: montázs – Attila Gergely

Dramaturg: Lili Fabacsovics

Consultant: Sándor Hegedűs

Choreographer: Zsófia Nemes