A Witch’s Tale

A Witch’s Tale


The Bounty of Magic and Wonders

An enchanted fairy tale, a fantasy dance performed by PR-Evolution Dance Company.

Premiere: 28 March 2018

Photography: Oravecz

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The story leads us to a community where nature in diverse forms and fairies are still part of the world, living in communion with people. Harmony and peace prevail. But once the son of man turns against the laws and breaks the rules, wanting control. The order is upset.

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With the emergence of individual interests, the piece tells us about the hardships and struggles of a community, the “transformation” of personality and the potential of being influenced. Love is obscured by temptation and a sense of betrayal haunts. How can order be restored? Our heroes seek the cure, asking advice from the fairies.

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Nature does not turn its back on man. Instead, it elevates, comforts the abandoned, and gives new life, new hope – until finally, the veil drops and those who are meant to be together, find a way to each other again, and order is restored.